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Yearbook Photos Next Week

Starting on Monday, January 25th until Friday, January 29th we will be taking yearbook photos. These include individual photos of students as well as class photos.

There will be a make-up day in February for those students who are not able to have their photos taken next week. Look for details about the date soon.

Digital copies of each child’s photo and class photos will be provided to parents.

Elementary Students (Pre-K to Grade 5)

Please check with your child’s teacher for their scheduled day and time.

Secondary Students (Grades 6 to 12)

Ms. Anna will send the secondary schedule to parents this afternoon.

  • Grade 12 Parents: Please note that seniors will be taking cap and gown photos on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. These are separate from their individual photos which are scheduled for a different time.

Meet the Photographer

This year’s yearbook photographer is Djibril Drame. Djibril is a Senegalese visual artist, filmmaker, curator, and independent scholar. Djibril has featured in exhibitions and competitions worldwide including Germany, Ghana, Togo, Ethiopia, Spain, and Ivory Coast. His work strives to shed light on socially relevant and potentially controversial issues affecting our world today.

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