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World Culture Month: The Parade of Nations

Each year, we celebrate our diversity with the Parade of Nations! Families are invited to wear their country's traditional attire and represent their nationality in our parade.

The parade will follow World Cultural Day Performances by the ISD Band, ISD Dance Team, and Kirikou Dancers.

Mr. Brad and Ms. Asyia will MC the event. It is very important that you listen to Brad so you can hear your invitation to line up for the parade.

Flag posts with the country name and flag will be situated in a circle on the field. You will know where to line up because the flags will be in alphabetical order by country.

Mr. Brad will first invite all adults parading with small children (grades KP3- grade 1) to line up. Please stay seated until you are invited to get in line.

Next Brad will invite the 2nd through 5th grade students to line up.

Parents, staff, and faculty will be invited next….

And then Middle School students, parents, and faculty.

And finally High School students, parents, and faculty.

The oldest person in the group will carry the country's flag and lead the group.

Please note that our host country Senegal will not be in alphabetical order but will be positioned at the end of the parade…

Thank you in advance for following these instructions!

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