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Welcome Words from Lorne Bird, Secondary School Principal

Dear ISD Secondary Community,

Thank you for another warm and accommodating welcome this past week when I was on campus. From the first conversation I had with Dr. Knobloch in October, through each interaction I had with numerous members of the ISD community - from students to teachers, and from parents to Board members - my initial impression of an outstanding learning community has been strongly reinforced. Of particular note, thank you to all those students and teachers who welcomed my daughter into Grade 5 for the week. She had an excellent time and the only downside was that she could not stay at ISD through to June!

Over the course of the week I saw countless examples of the strengths of ISD and I look forward to my arrival in July when I can formally begin helping ISD realize its mission for its students. I am fortunate to be joining ISD and am very grateful for the many, many accomplishments within the Secondary School over the past five years under the leadership of Mr. Bell. Thanks to him, and all those who have supported him, including Anja Sebunya , my transition into the school will be most enjoyable and productive.

I wish all those who are leaving ISD the best of luck as you move on to your next adventures. To all those returning, have an excellent summer and I look forward to seeing you in August.

Kind Regards,

Lorne Bird

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