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WAISAL HS Basketball 2020

WAISAL High School Basketball was an unqualified success! Eight boys teams and six girls teams competed over the course of three activity-filled days. In the end, the winners were awarded, all tournament teams were selected, but these traditional markers of success fall short of capturing the full scope of this tournament's impact.

The extended ISD community stepped up to host this event on short notice. This truly was a community event. 30+ host families opened their doors to students from around the region. Another 15 ISD staff members hosted coaches and Athletic Directors for the duration of the event. As well, we had the tremendous support of more than 30 student volunteers who took part in the planning and execution of the tournament. These students served as score keepers, photographers, live stream commentators, fruit vendors, and general problem solvers.

Special thanks and acknowledgement should go out to the ISD Dance Team who provided breathtaking performances throughout the tournament. Their dedication and commitment as athletes and artists is unrivaled. We truly have a world class dance program and WAISAL High School Basketball served as the perfect stage for their considerable talents.

There were so many others who dedicated their time, energy, and ideas to make this event one of the most innovative and exciting WAISAL tournaments in recent memory. We don't have time here to thank everyone who was involved. It goes without saying that the entire community came together for this event.

We now look forward to hosting WAISAL Middle School Basketball April 24 and 25. This event will serve as another example of how the International School of Dakar seeks to discover and support students' passions in and out of the classroom.

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