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Updates to MSSP and ASHS

September 14, 2017-- The Middle School Student Success Program (MSSP) and the High School After School Homework Support (ASHS) are designed to help ensure students keep up with their ongoing homework and assignments.  If students do not complete work assigned for class, then they are required to attend an after school session to make up the work.  Further, students can voluntarily attend MSSP or ASHS if they would like a quiet place to work after school under the guidance of a supervising teacher.  MSSP helped improve homework completion in the Middle School last academic year, and helped provide dedicated support to students requiring extra help. 

This year, the High School is building on the success of the Middle School and replicating its structure.  Last year, for example, the HS ASHS program only ran two days per week.  This meant it was harder to get students to attend, and it meant that homework and assignments not completed may have remained so for an extended period.  Over the first four full weeks of school the High School program has been off to a good start.  At this point, we now want to make each program a little better. 

In order to further develop our ISD CORE value of responsibility, as well as ensure coherence across the school, there will be one change to the MSSP and ASHS programs.  In the Middle School last year, students took on the responsibility of informing their parents directly.  This year the Secondary Office emailed parents. In order to help students further develop a sense of responsibility, effective Monday, September 18, all students in the Secondary School will be responsible for informing their parents if they are assigned to MSSP in the MS, or to ASHS in the HS.  Given the success of the MS students last year, this seems a fair expectation to move forward with across the Secondary.

Teachers will directly inform students in class if they are assigned to MSSP or ASHS for not completing assigned work.  All Secondary students will in turn inform their parents that they will stay after school from 3:30-4:15 if they are assigned to MSSP or ASHS.  If there is a legitimate reason that the student cannot stay (pre-arranged doctor’s appointment, or a significant pre-planned family even, for example) then the parents can inform the Secondary Office and the student will attend the next day. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this.  If you have any questions in regards to this, please contact the Secondary Office.

Lorne Bird,

Secondary School Principal 

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