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UN Day Assembly and International Mindedness

October 27, 2017-- I felt compelled to address you today, on the heels of our International UN Day. What an amazing display of diversity and unity! Tuesday was an awe inspiring reminder for me. We have so many different cultures and countries represented at our school and yet we are one community.

The United Nations was founded on the idea that various countries should come together in the name of humanity and work toward a more peaceful planet. That is exactly what we are about here at ISD.

The concept of international mindedness refers to the idea that all people with their differences can strive toward commonly held values.

Peace, family, stewardship, courage and integrity are attributes that we all hold valuable no matter where we are from. Our learning community is the epitome of what the United Nations hoped to achieve when it evolved from the League of Nations four generations ago. At ISD, we are united in our goals, our actions and our commitment to our children. On Tuesday, I witnessed a parade of diversity that unilaterally represented our commonalities and respect for each other.

I am so very honored to be considered a part of such a vast conglomeration of individuals. It is inspiring to feel like I am part of a family tree here. A family tree with roots extending across the globe and branches reaching out while they remain attached the the foundation of their origins.

Thank you, all of you, for your inspiration and the spectacular reminder of why I entered into education. Days like last Tuesday are precious and provide fuel for the engines of hope that drive the future.

Have a great weekend,

Brad Chumrau Acting Principal, PYP Coordinator, Instructional Coach

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