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Three weeks in! - Socially Connected, Physically Distanced

Monday September 28th 2020

It is hard to believe that another two weeks have passed since we last shared news from the Teranga Centre.

This week we want to share some ideas about what is important about our teaching and learning environment within the hybrid model and also some initiatives we are looking to develop which reach out beyond the scope of COVID-19. 

Our main focus in recent weeks has been to reconnect as many of our community as possible, safely and in a way which allows for learning to be combined with community connections. The article attached from an International School Principal in Singapore            articulates, from back in May, why connection is important even in the context of mask wearing and physical distancing. It also suggests that we need to continue to rethink education to provide the best possible opportunities for our students, your children, in the new normal. Whilst some of the discussion is already dated based on changes with the COVID-19 situation the main tenets for how we make patient and collective decisions at ISD remain.

  • If we cannot bring everyone back at once, on what basis should we prioritise?

  • How is our return to school synchronizing with parents returning to workplaces?

  • Is there any room for choice here, or should we require  the same experiences for all?

These questions and others continue to drive our thinking and planning as we prioritize the learning and social experiences your children are able to access at this time. The full article is linked below for a longer read.

Whilst the deep thinking and forward planning continues to happen we are also settling back into daily life at School in the ‘new normal’. The images below show lots of action in the Teranga Centre last week as we ‘went to town’ purchasing new stylish mask accessories for 2020/21. These and many others are available at very reasonable prices in the administration school reception. There are many wonderful colourful designs to brighten up all of our days in the absence of visible smiles. Buy yours soon!

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