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The Power of the ISD Community

Friday night at the high school graduation, kindergarten teacher, Linda Bockerie, proudly told me that she had had Nissia Benghazi as a student in pre-K4 not so long ago. Later in the evening when Nissia walked to the podium with her good friend Claierose to address the crowded audience, my eyes got a little teary because I suddenly remembered a time when Nissia had approached me about doing some Animal Rescue work with some of the elementary students. The truth is, I am not good friends with Nissia but when I see her around campus we exchange a friendly hello. But on Friday night, I felt a strong sense of connection to Nissia; I felt proud of her and not just Nissia but all of the ISD graduates. These students are what our elementary students become.

As the high school students crossed the stage I flashed back to just a few nights earlier when our kindergartners stomped and clapped out musical patterns on that very same stage. Those precious kindergartners will spend the next twelve years learning to read, playing with friends, writing poems, singing songs, and traipsing all about this campus or others like it. And one day, they too will cross a stage and collect their diplomas. Will they speak multiple languages like Nissia? Will they be civically minded like Nissia? I wonder; what will be important to them? What action will they have taken in their academic careers? Right now, Livia loves being in kindergarten where Ms. Maureen has created a beautiful space for building with blocks and playing with friends but as I look to the future I see Livia building bridges, literally or metaphorically, either way, I see her making the world a better place.

ISD is a very special place; it’s a place where we get to dream big. From our honorable Board of Directors to our fearless headmaster and all the way down to our delightful preK-3 students, we are encouraged to challenge - yes challenge the status quo. We are encouraged to create - yes, create new opportunities, new inventions, and new ways of thinking. We are encouraged to change - yes, in the words of Nelson Mandela, we are encouraged to “be the change we hope to see in the world."

Whether you are the parent of a graduating senior or an elementary preschooler I hope you know that here at ISD we value the learning experience; we treasure your children and we work tirelessly to insure that your children get to fully immerse into all of the goodness that is ISD.

Here’s to a wonderful break with your family. Enjoy your time together and please make time to read with your child. It doesn’t matter if your child is in first grade, seventh grade or high school they love being read to. This summer you need to read, read, read. Click here to hear what long time educator and reading expert Rebecca Billingham has to say about the benefits of reading aloud to your children.

--Ms. Kelly, Elementary Principal

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