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The ISD Visual Arts Department Headlines the IB Blog

The ISD Arts Department was featured as the opening story in this week's IB World Global blog!

Nevdon Jamgochian, our IB Visual Art Teacher, is new to ISD this year, and has expanded the reach of the Art classes to let students experiment with oil paints.

"I decided to take the plunge and go all in. I did not cut any corners. Rather than hating the slow and messy delayed process of oil and the decidedly non 21st century skill set of oil painting; all students thoroughly enjoyed it. Students learned patience and organization.

"Oil painting has been one of the most successful lessons I have taught in my 16 years as an educator.

“My takeaway is that students actually want to immerse themselves in non-technological experiences. Slow deliberate processes develop deep thinking."

Congratulations to Nevdon and all the teachers and students in our Visual Arts Department on this exciting feature!

Read the full article on the IB World blog.

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