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The ISD Garden Project is Growing

October 6, 2017--We are pleased to announce the garden activities for the first quarter of 2017-2018 have started!

A garden consultant is on campus 12 hours a week as a resource of information and also to assist faculty and students interested in using the garden space to support and diversify their lessons and classes.  It can be used as a live outdoor classroom to enhance many areas of learning about our natural world. Curricular connections are limitless: life sciences, measurement, geometry, social studies, history, art and design can all be experienced first hand in the garden.

Consulting for teachers and students  

Tuesday, Thursday 8am -12pm

Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm

Garden Consultant - Abdoulaye Gueye

Coordination and Information - Nyah Gueye

The garden agenda for the first semester will be dedicated to:

  • Compost! Getting the compost going - Recycling organic matter- Decomposition - Waste reduction and management

  • Soil! Recognizing soil structure - Amending and preparing - planting cover crops to cleanse and improve the soil

  • Seed Propagation! Learning about seeds - Sprouting, planting and caring for seedlings- designing and designating areas for specific plants and projects

After school Garden Project Classes

ASA Garden Project Class - Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 (Elementary school) Green Team & Community Gardening - Wednesday 3:30 - 5:00 (Secondary school)

The garden is located behind the library. Come and visit!

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