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Thank You! from the Animal Rescue League

On Saturday, May 28th, 30 parent, student and teacher volunteers conducted a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) campaign. They worked hard to trap and transport 10 feral cats from the neighborhood to an ISD science lab where they were operated on and vaccinated by Dr. Kasse and Dr. Seck. The anesthetized animals were later taken to volunteers’ homes where they recovered then were released back to their territory. This effort will keep the cats (and people) healthier, and will reduce the number of cats in the future. One (already sterilized) street dog joined in too, and received his rabies vaccination.

To make this such a great success, students raised almost 700,000 CFA over the last few months to cover vets, anesthetic, medication pre and post op, food, litter, and rabies vaccinations. Thank you for your support!

There is money left for the ASA to have a good start when we return to school in August but we still need your help! In addition to the 10 cats, 7 very sick kittens and a mama cat were rescued and are being treated. Once the kittens are healthy, the mama will be sterilized and released but the kittens cannot go back to the street. Please contact Zoey at or +221 76 883 7742 by SMS or WhatsApp please if you love kittens and can offer some help.

Many, many thanks to the students, teachers and parents from Grade 3 and up for fundraising and for your continued support for our furry friends!

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