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Teranga News: Communication is Key

This week has seen the first Parent Teacher conferences of the Year in the Secondary School. It has been wonderful to see our students engaging in positive, growth orientated conversations with both their Teachers and Parents prior to the publication of our first set of reports in November.

One of our major areas of focus this year is on the concept of ‘Assessment as learning’ and the idea that our work is framed around helping students become the best possible version of themselves. The key is for high quality feedback to be provided, which will assist students in knowing where they are with the learning in different subject areas, what they are doing well, as well as how they can further improve. In addition, there will be inevitable areas of growth or gaps and here we are helping young people find strategies, with guidance, to further enhance their knowledge and understanding.

As the images we have shared show, there is a clear, positive engagement with and for learning from the three key stakeholders in our ISD community. We also continue to emphasise that learning comes through collaboration and to that end we continue to encourage our students to seek help from their peers, their parents and their teachers as and when they encounter difficulties. Furthermore, being confident to ask questions, reflect on their learning as well as find time for rest and relaxation all provide positive conditions for a high quality, holistic educational experience. We also continue to ask the same of parents and encourage you all to find us with questions on all matters related to the education of your children.

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