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Teranga Centre News: Middle School House Groups

By: Jennifer Loria, Middle School Assistant Principal and MYP Coordinator

This week in the Middle School our House Groups kicked off with a rousing game to help strengthen our bonds within the MS community.  What are House Groups you ask? House Groups are an integral part of our Middle School, and have been for years. There are 5 House Groups and this year the ISD Middle School community gets to name the groups.  We are focusing on naming them around concepts/ideas in West Africa. Each House Group is comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who work together through play to strengthen the vertical bonds in our school. The MYP Approaches to Learning (ATL’s) are an integral part of the House System.  Students use their social, communication, and self-management skills every time they are in their House Groups. The students in the Middle School at ISD Work Hard and Play Hard, all the time becoming stronger together in Houses, and as a Middle School.

Please read this article to find out more about how key the House Group system can be.

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