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Teranga Center News: Time Flies at ISD

It is amazing to think we are already into November. As ever, just like weather, all things IB Diploma related move along, develop and change as the year progresses.

This week is an important milestone in the lives of our Grade 10 students as they are introduced to the world of IB Diploma and the options that will be available to them next year as they begin their final two years of High School. Throughout the week teachers have been involved in different information sessions to provide as much detail as possible across the six subject groups. It has been great to experience our talented faculty present to students in different  community meetings and hear excellent questions as well as enthusiasm for the coming choices they will make. It has also been wonderful to enlist the expert help of current ISD Diploma students from Grade 11 and our graduating class of 2018 to share their experiences with Grade 10 during these sessions.

Grade 11 are to be congratulated on their work ethic, focus and application at this point in the year. As we move towards the December vacation they will be soon receiving information sessions about the Extended Essay which will be a focus for them in the New year. Theory of Knowledge is now also part of their weekly schedule and students are beginning to come to terms with the requirements of these components of the CORE of the Diploma, which stand alongside CAS as a focus for the philosophy and approaches to teaching and learning epitomised by the IBO mission statement and indeed ISD’s mission and core values.

Grade 12 are in the midst of college applications and have completed of the final copy of their extended essay. In addition, they are embarking on the TOK essay which is an important paper, externally assessed by IBO examiners around the world. The excellent work they recently completed in their TOK presentations has provided good, solid foundations for the work to come. Thank you to all of the students involved in this wonderful work as well as to the TOK teaching team.

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