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Teranga Center News: The IB Global Conference Inspires Educational Thought for ISD Admin and Faculty

Last week saw five members of the ISD teaching community heading off to Vienna for the 50th Anniversary IB Global Conference in Vienna. The theme for the annual conference was ‘Shaping the future’ and as ISD moves into the next stages of its work in becoming a fully accredited 3 program IB World School we were delighted to experience a number of workshops and keynote speeches on the themes of change management, leadership, technology, futurescapes and many others.

The overall focus was on the importance of collaborative teaching and learning to help equip our young people with skills and attributes required in this ever changing, complex and developing global society we are all part of.

The conference also always allows for hugely positive professional networking and interaction with IB experienced professionals from across the world. It is a fantastic experience and helps us once again to recognise that becoming a three program school immediately gives us access to hundreds of Schools and thousands of professionals working from the same pedagogical philosophy articulated by the IBO and contextualised in so many different ways in Schools across the world.

As we return to ISD for another working, learning week it is also wonderful to have had the time away, focussed on education, what a wonderful learning community we are part of nd how lucky our young people are to be in a School which continues to strive for excellence and care with, and surrounded by, the umbrella of the concept of Teranga.

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