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Teranga Center News: The IB Diploma Program

Since the last time of writing our busy lives continue apace. Grade 12 students have recently been asked to complete an online survey from the Oxford  Study Courses revision group. We are delighted to announce that OSC will continue the newly formed partnership with ISD and facilitate a week long revision course for each of our Grade 12 students from February 11th through to the 15th. The students have an element of choice which will determine the revision programs they will be part of during that week, which is a mandatory school week for our Diploma Year 2 students. More detailed information will appear in later edition of the JAG journal as we finalise the arrangements.

Our Grade 11 class are currently in the midst of a Theory of Knowledge unit looking at ‘fake news’ as a way of accessing knowledge questions and seeking truth. They have been engaged in various activities and group work exploring what we actually mean and understand fake news to be, as well as the historical origins of fake news and how to be rigorous fact checkers of both academic work and social narratives.

Additionally, we have already moved into scheduling for next years IB Year 1 class, our current Grade 10 students. After the information sessions in IB Diploma week before the recent holiday, students are now handing in their option choices and we begin building schedules and classes for the ISD Class of 2022.

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