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Teranga Center News: Service as Action in the MYP Through Week Without Walls

Monday all of MYP students and the first year of DP students head out to a week of service and adventure on Week Without Walls. The students are headed to Lompoul, Toubacouta, Saint Louis, Ndangane/Mar Lodj, Ndem and Saly/Mbour with their teachers on Monday morning and will return Thursday afternoon.

An integral part of the MYP is Service as Action. Through service, students will learn to persevere, to undertake challenges and learn new skills, to consider ethical implication of their actions, and to become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth while developing international-mindedness through global engagement and intercultural understanding. During WWW each grade level will learn about the Senegalese culture as well as have an aspect of service where our students serve both the ISD students and the greater Senegalese community. We are excited to hear about the new understandings and experiences from our students upon their return. Safe travels.

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