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Teranga Center News: Ramandan at ISD

As we approach the Ramadan the ISD community is pleased to announce that a room will be provided for all of our Secondary School students who will observe the expectations for fasting throughout the month. It will provide an area away from other students for quiet reflection especially at break times when other members of the community will be eating.

Additionally, this year and next IB Diploma examinations occur at the same time as Ramadan. IBO are unable to make special provision for religious events or national holidays around the world and so we have spent time with our senior students discussing possible options to help make their exam experience during Ramadan as comfortable as possible. The collaboration has resulted in our senior students being pleased with the arrangements for a special room. At other times in between exams they will be able to be off campus in the comfort and quiet of home.

Here in the Teranga Center we would like to wish peace upon all members of our community and especially our Muslim community as we approach this important time of year.

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