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Teranga Center News: Oxford Study Course, Honor Roll and DP Exams

As was previewed in last week’s notes from the Teranga Centre, Grades 6 through 11 had a wonderful week outside of our school walls. Being involved in numerous parts of the country engaging with our host culture and working with local communities to facilitate learning and understanding for all is a fantastic school initiative. A public thank you to all the teachers and chaperones involved.

Grade 12 were also fully engaged here on campus with the Oxford Study Courses revision week and truly made a tremendous impression with the four teachers that worked with them. Below are photographs of the week and additionally quotes from some of the teachers based on their impressions of our School and particularly our graduating class.

Richard Tong DP English: “The students were a pleasure to teach, as last year. The school learning culture seems to be very strong. “

George Graves DP Economics: “Overall, the school appears to be doing a very good job and I was truly impressed by the good natured and well behaved student body. It was a pleasure to teach in such a friendly environment and we could not have been looked after any better.”

We wish the Grade 12 well as they begin a week if Diploma mock exams.

photo credit: Julian Contreras, Class of 2019

Honour roll is an opportunity for us to recognise and celebrate academic excellence across the Secondary School. Thursday morning saw the academic excellence celebration breakfasts for Grade 6 through 8 and Friday provided the same opportunity for Students and Parents in Grades 9-12. In such a busy school it is always amazing just how many of our young people are able to balance co-curricular activities, life outside of school as well as demonstrating true academic excellence. It was a pleasure to celebrate their successes.

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