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Teranga Center News: MYP, Where Students Learn and Grow as a Community

At ISD we are fortunate to have a dedicated faculty and hard-working student body. Every day after school you will find teachers helping students, students helping each other, directors helping students, and coaches helping students to learn, grow, and find their passions. Our goal is not to get every student to earn a perfect score, but rather to help them achieve their personal best.

As I walked into the Middle School classroom pictured above one day at 4pm I found students laughing, learning, and engaged with Ms. Ary as they worked on Science and Math with each other. They did not have to be there. They chose to be there because it was what was best for their learning. They are developing the MYP Approach to Learning of Self Management. Our MYP students are taking control of their own learning and getting the help that they need.

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