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Teranga Center News: MYP Key Concepts

The MYP has 16 Key Concepts that are explored across the curriculum. One or two are embedded in each unit plan for each class. Today as I sat on a bench by the basketball court talking with a few of our MYP students and watching the thousands of butterflies, I was thinking about the MYP Key Concept of Communities. The IB defines communities as “groups that exist in proximity defined by space, time or relationship. Communities include, for example, groups of people sharing particular characteristics, beliefs or values as well as groups of interdependent organisms living together in a specific habitat.”

ISD is a community. Our students do not exist in isolation – they are not small creatures in a giant world just trying to survive. They are students who share so many characteristics and values. They value education. They value relationships. They value honesty. They value kindness. They value family. They value art. They value humor. They value each other.

Adolescence is not easy. In fact, it is quite a challenging time. However, the kids at ISD make it look fun. They help each other through problems and struggles, and celebrate each other’s successes and triumphs. Our students make ISD a cohesive community. As I was chatting with the students, I was impressed by not only the community that we have here, but the quality of the young men and women at ISD; each one making each other better.

** To see more pictures by Julian Contreras, check out his website:

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