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Teranga Center News: MYP Consultation Report

A few weeks ago ISD’s MYP consultant visited us for a few days. Over the course of his visit he spoke to faculty, students, and parents to get a sense of where we are in relation to our MYP Authorization journey. Upon his return home, he took all the information he gathered while he was here, and he wrote the Consultation Report. This report has just been shared with us and his findings were excellent. They spoke to how well we are moving forward as a school and how far down the road to MYP authorization our 6-10th grades are.

The big next steps will include introducing the Personal Project, being explicit with our Global Contexts, creating vertical and horizontal alignment with our curriculum (including our approaches to Learning), and continuing to create and deliver fun and meaningful MYP units in each class. ISD is fortunate to have such dedicated and skilled teachers who are devoted to making the learning at ISD as meaningful as it can be.

You can find our complete timeline for authorization here or on our website.

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