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Teranga Center News: MS Cultural Share

On Friday the Middle School celebrated our cultural diversity here at ISD.  Students and teachers presented different aspects, traditions, facts, and fun from their cultures.  As an MYP candidate school, we are teaching the Global Contexts of the MYP. One of those contexts is personal and cultural expression.  While we celebrate our diversity everyday here at ISD in all our classes and around the school, the MS Cultural Share Day gave us a fabulous opportunity for the students to become the teachers.  

The students were challenged to look into their own culture and see what was the most meaningful part of who they are because of where they are from.  They then shared that with others in the community. Each student got the opportunity to go to three presentations and then the MS community had a time where they reflected on what they learned with their advisories.  Through this day, not only the presenters, but every student and teacher who attended the presentations discovered ideas, feelings, beliefs and values of different cultures.

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