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Teranga Center News: IB Exams in Progress

It is amazing that as I write our Grade 12 students have almost completed the final IB DP examinations of 2019. The next few days will undoubtedly be busy ones for our graduating class and at this point we wish them all the very best and encourage them to make the most of the time between now, the last few exams and graduation. Graduation week will follow immediately as the excitement builds for our Graduation Ceremony and Graduation banquet.

As part of the schedule the week after the exams next week students will receive information about what to do when the results come out as well as information for those students who need official legalization of results for University entrance in particular countries.

Grade 11 students are also busy with all things IB Diploma. They are now be well under way with a draft form of their Extended Essays and have our excellent EE Jamboree day on May 23rd to progress further with this important independent research work. IB DP Progress reports will be published in June. A reminder here that in the last reporting period at the end of the semester Grade 11 students will receive progress to date reports with IB scores in order to help them begin to make decisions about which Universities or Colleges they may aim for. This information based on clear educational evidence alongside the professional judgement of our faculty, the information will appear on Managebac.

Theory of Knowledge classes are moving along well and students are beginning to be introduced to  ideas and approaches for their presentations which will formally take place in the first semester of Grade 12.  CAS projects are also progressing well, it is important that students document and reflect upon the activities regularly and in detail on the Managebac system.

Grade 10 students are currently being scheduled for classes next year. We fully expect them to be issued with their final Grade 11 schedules just after the end of the academic year. It is wonderful to see how far they have come since the beginning of the year and we will be delighted to welcome them into the IB Diploma program as the biggest cohort so far at ISD.

Lastly, please do come in and meet with us if you have questions and concerns. The door is always open.

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