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Teranga Center News: Balance in the MYP Students

This week marks six weeks that we have been in school.  Our MYP students in grades 6-10 are immersed in learning and community in the ISD Secondary.  Someone noted this week that one only needs to come onto campus anytime of the day and you will see a campus that is alive.  This is true. At 6:30 in the morning you find students jumping in the pool for swim team, at 7am it is the runners who trot off campus as part of the cross country club.  There is always someone playing basketball and after school you will find the middle school students playing soccer, doing arts and crafts, or cooking while the high school students will be bumping, setting, and spiking on the volleyball court, rehearsing for the play, or doing Model United Nations. 

No matter what time of the day it is you will always find students learning. They might be in class, or doing an experiment outside. They might be working in a group or studying on their own. Our students know what they need to do and when they need to do it. They live a balanced life that is rich in experiences.  There are 10 attributes in the IB Learner Profile and balance is one of those attributes. I sat with a group of 7th graders today who asked for some time to share as a group of a few moments of mindfulness. They knew what they needed and asked for it. It is this type of balance that the MYP promotes...helping kids to know what they need for their physical, educational, and emotional well-being and empowering them to find it.  

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