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Teranga Center: IB Diploma and MYP News

It is hard to believe that another week has already passed and we are moving quickly in to the month of September.

Grade 11 and 12 students are involved with numerous aspects of the DP and have already worked together as a whole IBDP cohort as well as in smaller groups focussing on Extended Essay, TOK introductions, MLA citation sessions, Academic Honesty and presentation work. It is wonderful to see the growing experience and expertise of the Grade 12 class being used productively to welcome and collaborate with the year 1 Diploma program class.

Our Secondary ‘Back to School’ night also highlighted our ongoing focus on teaching and learning in partnership with a continuing focus on community, self regulation, independence combined with interdependence all in the spirit of care, trust and collaboration epitomised by “Teranga”.

This week in the Middle School our advisories have been reflecting on ourselves as learners in the ISD community.  We looked at our Positive Behavior System (PBS), CORE values, and how together, we can be a community that empowers each other to do our best.  We have also been reflecting on ourselves as learners in the classroom. Each student identified strengths and challenges that they face as learners.  As a community we can then support each other to learn from our challenges. This is directly in line with the IB Learner Profile that we, as an MYP candidate school, use as a guide in developing internationally minded young adults.  As we strive to embody all 10 attributes of an IB Learner, we make ISD a fun, inclusive, vibrant learning community.

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