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Teranga Center: IB Diploma and MYP News

Teaching at ISD is exciting. It is exciting because teachers plan with specific MYP criterion in mind and they take the kids on a journey of learning that culminates in a summative experience that helps them learn even more while at the same time being an accurate demonstration of where they are in relation to the criterion. Teaching and learning in the MYP looks at the whole child while at the same time being laser focused to help each individual child reach their full potential.

Fun with Digital Images: Macro Photography!

The MYP Fun with Digital Images course did an assessment where students took both a laser focused view of something and also looked at the object as a whole. It is a fun project, but also it is an analogy of how we teach here at ISD. We teach the whole child as well as that “macro lens” that we put on when we see where each individual child is, and where they need to go. Enjoy looking at these projects from the MYP Year 2 (7th Grade) Fun with Digital Images course!

Nomi's Macro Photography Slideshow

Koko's Macro Photography Slideshow

Emann's Macro Photography Slideshow

As students and teachers really begin to get into the flow of the academic year it is wonderful that we already begin to see the benefits of curriculum alignment through our gentle development of MYP criterion referenced assessment. We continue to place the emphasis on teaching and learning as well as progression over time. The end goal for the vast majority of our students is academic success to allow for entry into college or university as well as being equipped with skills that are developed and epitomised by the IB learner profile as well as being a focus of the approaches to learning (ATL).

Coffee and Learning...What's Going on in the SecondaryAs ever high quality, informative communication is a schoolwide goal. Last Tuesday saw our first Parents coffee with our focus on teaching and learning with an initial activity looking at how the concept of Teranga is developed and incorporated in all aspects of our community.

Some of the thoughts and ideas which came from the work will be ongoing areas of focus for development; wolof lessons in school for students as well as other members of our community such as teachers and parents, different timings for the coffee meetings to facilitate larger participation, workshop sessions on MYP and assessment to be a regular focus.

Our parents who were in attendance certainly modelled the idea that all members of our community can contribute to the learning that takes place here at ISD.

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