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Teranga Center: IB Diploma and MYP News

Save the Date: the Secondary Open House

The MYP and DP faculty of ISD cannot wait to see you at Secondary Open House this Wednesday, August 29th. We will share the exciting work that is going on in our classrooms. Part of what makes magic happen in the classroom is only possible after extensive and collaborative planning. Collaboration between professionals is key to student learning in MYP. Luckily our teachers are not only collaborating on unit plans, they also know when to take a break and get some frozen yogurt! The Science Department knows just what “elements” are needed to create some “out of this world” learning for the students at ISD!

New Secondary Event for Parents: Coffee and Learning... What's Going on in the Secondary School This year, the ISD Secondary School will be hosting an event for parents on first Tuesday of every month. The event is a great opportunity to learn about what is going on in the secondary world of DP, MYP, and what and how students and faculty are bringing learning alive.

What: Coffee and learning....what's going on in the secondary school. When: 9:30-10:30 am the first Tuesday of every month Where: The Administration Conference Room

Graduating Class of 2018 achieve fantastic results and head off to pastures new

We are delighted to formally announce the fantastic results achieved by our Class of 2018. The celebrations of Graduation and results day seem a long time past and yet it is important for the community to be aware that for the fourth year running our results are comfortably above the world average. Perhaps the most impressive statistic is the fact that 95% of the class were successful in completing the full IB Diploma which is a wonderful total when we consider the fact that we are a non-selective inclusive school and that the world average is 78%.

Furthermore, we are also delighted to confirm that each of our graduating class have been successful in achieving their goals for what comes next. Whether it be GAP year experiences, Military service or University and College, each of them are embarking on pathways which will bring them success and further opportunities. We look forward to following their journeys over the next few years. As we often say, ‘Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar’.

On another note we have been working hard as a faculty to develop a definitive calendar of due dates for our IB Diploma Year 1 and Year 2 classes. We have attached the documents below for the parents of Diploma students and encourage you to print these off as a reference point. Students are well aware of the dates which are also published in ManageBac. It is important that you are also aware at home to facilitate the management of their time which is a key skill to be developed throughout school life. We continue to encourage balance and wellness so it is important our young people continue to be guided and supported through the various key dates and assessment periods of their final two year at ISD.

IB Diploma Year 2 (Grade 12) Due Dates

IB Diploma Year 1 (Grade 11) Due Dates

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