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Teranaga Center News: IB DP Update

Since the last notes from the IB Office things have, as ever, moved apace. The IB DP students have all finished, Graduation has taken place and the corridors in the High School seem strangely empty without our Class of 2019. We wish them all the very best as they move on from ISD to pastures new and also hope they keep in touch with us over the next few years. Alumni are a very important part of our worldwide professional learning community.

Grade 11 continue to feel the pace increase with all things IB DP and it is pleasing to see that they seem to be responding well to the challenges. A couple of timely reminders; As you know Managebac is our online information management system. Students should be using this every day at School to record Extended Essay work, TOK journals and CAS reflections. This is also a forum for them to receive messages, files and updates. As a reminder they must complete their personal information section which includes the subjects they are studying as well as the aforementioned sections for the IB DP Core subjects (Extended essay, TOK and CAS).

More on the Extended Essay; students should now have formally met with their supervisor least twice and completed the required formal reflection. They should be well underway with their research. We have insisted that by the beginning of the vacation they will have started a draft completing at least 1000 words and have an agreed action plan for work over the vacation. They also need to have a working bibliography saved and logged in managebac. Summer work is an expectation regarding the extended essay and Saturdays in August or early September may be used for students who fail to reach the requirements by that time. Remember the deadline for a completed first draft to be handed in will be the first week of September 2019.

CAS is an ongoing process and we are slightly concerned that some Grade 11 students have let this slip as a priority. The due date for all the reflections from Grade 11 to be completed is June 10th . We have been using study halls and after School sessions to help get up to date with their recording and reflecting on this essential service learning component of the Diploma programme.

Grade 10 students option choices were completed for IB DP courses a while ago and as I write the final schedule for 2019 2020 is being finalized. We expect the transition into Grade 11 to be a smooth one and appreciate the efforts and enthusiasm students have currently displayed when contemplating the next big step in their academic career.

Finally next week, we will attach a copy of the due dates expected of IB Diploma students as they move into Grade 12. This calendar is one that has been carefully designed to help students manage the workload of all the expectations from the IBO. Please print a copy and have your sons/daughters display it in a prominent place at home. All of these dates will also be published in the managebac calendar from the beginning of August.

We welcome parents at any time in the Teranga centre and look forward to the ongoing relationship with all ISD families as we move into the final two weeks of the academic year. Have a wonderful vacation, for those moving onto pastures new we wish you all the very best and look forward to welcoming returning families in August, Travel well.

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