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Temperature check

Dear ISD Community,

As you know, it is part of our Safety Protocol for families, students, and staff to do temperature checks daily at home before coming to school.

Here a list of pharmacies in the Dakar, Mermoz, and Almadies areas that carry thermometers that you can purchase. Prices range from 2000 - 3000 fcfa for oral / axillary thermometers to 45000 fcfa for temporal / forehead thermometers.

- Pharmacie Guigon, Avenue Pompidou, Plateau, Dakar 33.823.0333

- Pharmacie de la Republique, 15 Rue de la Republique, Plateau, Dakar 33.821.1663

- Pharmacie Matilde, Route de la Corniche Ouest across from ISD, Fenetre Mermoz 33.860.8578

- Pharmacie Stella, Stele de Blaise Diagne, Mermoz 33.860.3232

- Pharmacie Arc-En-Ciel, Route de la Corniche Ouest, Les Almadies 33.820.7784

Thank you!

Cheers to Your Health,

Nurse Jen

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