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Student Contributor: Teaching ISD Staff English

By Jiyeon Han, ISD Student

Hello, we are the teaching ISD staff English Community Service Learning group! Our activity started from around September, in the beginning of the school year, and we have been continuing this activity for almost every week until the end of April, on every Thursdays after school from 3:30- 5:00pm, with Ms. Monica Yu’s supervision. Just like the name, our group focuses on teaching English to the staff members in our school campus. We believed that if the staff learn English and can improve over time, they may be able to communicate with the students and teachers in ISD better. So often, we take things for granted, and the staff and faculty in our campus may be one of them; without showing it, they work very hard every day for our convenience, hygiene, and facilities. In order to give something back for their dedication and effort towards our school, we also tried putting a lot of time and thought into our classes, preparing materials such as presentation slides, review papers, and mini practice games/activities before the classes begin each week. We have students separated into the higher level group, intermediate group, and lower level group and each of the smaller groups has different class materials and contents to teach that correlate to the staff’s level.

Although each one of us faced some hardship at first, since we are not professional teachers and had difficulties with coming up with creative ideas and making the lessons fun, each classes started getting much more smooth, organized, and effective over time; additionally, our relationship with the staff became much closer through showing respect, care, and positivity. Many of us are grateful for the opportunity not only to offer a service to our community, but also to know the staff members in our school, create a relationship with them, and help them with a new language so that they can communicate with others in the school. We are hoping to continue this service learning activity next year as well, so please stay tuned for any notice or email that will be sent out! Also, talking on behalf of the staff members at ISD, they are very friendly and very interested in talking to students so if you get a chance, please say hi or even have a short conversation with them the next time you see them!

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