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Soiree Litteraire

The 5th Annual Soirée Littéraire is scheduled for the last week of March 29, 2019.

The Soirée Littéraire is an adults-only PTO event where ISD parents, teachers and

staff host book-themed dinners in their homes. This event gears us up for World Cultural Month in April and is a great opportunity to celebrate and share the traditions we grew up with or adopted from the countries where we’ve lived.

You are invited to join in this great event as either a host or a guest.

Host Information:

Hosting a dinner is great fun! You get to share your favorite dishes with old friends

and new faces. Pick your menu, then find a book that incorporates the theme or tailor

your menu to a book you love. Reading the book is not required by your guests, but

you can share favorite excerpts over dinner. To assist with the cost of hosting the

dinner, the PTO pays the hosts 5,000 cfa per guest. As a host, you will decide the maximum number of guests that may attend your dinner.

Once you’ve volunteered to host a dinner and selected your book, the Soirée

committee will create a meal description that includes the book information, general

menu information (type of cuisine, main proteins served) and languages that will be

spoken at the dinner. This helps guests in choosing their preferred dinner. The

committee will then match guests with hosts. We keep the host names a secret – part

of the fun for guests is choosing dinner themes without knowing who is hosting the


Guest Information:

Guests will enjoy a delicious dinner and meet new people, while supporting the PTO.

Tickets are 10,000 cfa per person. This is a fundraiser for the PTO. The PTO aims to serve the school community by providing fun social events for all ages and supporting ISD projects and initiatives.

Tickets go on sale starting February 1st. The tickets will be sold after school near the front gate.

It is likely we will sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. If

you can not purchase your ticket in person, please email Kelly at to reserve your tickets. Pick your top three dinner choices after reading the descriptions.

The descriptions do not include who will be hosting the dinner – the surprise is part of the fun! Prior to the dinner, we will send you the contact information and directions to your dinner location via email.

Please respond to this Ms. Kelly at

If you are interested in hosting a dinner. If you are not interested in hosting and want to participate, please watch for upcoming details which will include a list books and dinners to choose from. Please join us for a wonderful Soirée Littéraire 2019!

The PTO team.

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