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Soirée Littéraire 2020

The books for this year's Soirée Littéraire have been chosen!

The Soirée Littéraire is an adults-only PTO event where ISD parents, teachers and staff host book-themed dinners in their homes. This year’s Soirée Littéraire takes place during World Cultural Month and is a great opportunity to celebrate and share the traditions we grew up with or adopted from the countries where we’ve lived.

Click here to view the books for this year's Soirée Littéraire. Date and time information is also included with the book list.

Tickets are available for purchase after school near the spirit shop, in the front office or from Ms. Kelly Chumrau ( They are 10,000 CFA each.  This is a PTO fundraiser.  PTO offers small grants to teachers and students for service learning projects.

Here is how the event works:

  • You select one of the books from the list.

  • You purchase a ticket from the PTO.

  • About two days before your scheduled Soirée, you will receive directions.

  • You will arrive to your Soirée and meet other ISD teachers/parents who have selected the same book.  Hopefully, you will all do your reading and you'll have a great book discussion while eating fabulous food and making new friends!!

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