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Sleep Well - Play Well - Eat Well (By Avoiding Sugar!)

By: Kelly Chumrau, Elementary Principal

At ISD, we are doing our best to support students as they endeavor to lead a healthy life. We encourage our students to get plenty of rest, proper nutrition, and lots of good play time. We know that these are the fundamentals and when students don’t have enough rest, proper nutrition, or play time we all suffer the repercussions. If these basic needs are not met, children can become: grumpy, tired, angry, and agitated. They become less likely to be successful when learning new information. Therefore, we are taking the following measures to support our students.

  • Recess break is a time for students to run and play.

  • Snack time is a time to rehydrate with water and to refuel with healthy snacks. Parents please send healthy foods and avoid sugary snacks.

  • Lunch recess allows for a midday break for play, rehydration, and refueling. Again, parents we encourage you to send healthy lunches. Shady Shack also strives to provide well balanced meals.

  • We try to avoid sugary birthday celebrations. In the past, parents were allowed to bring sweets but last year, we asked parents to please reconsider bringing sugary treats to school. In addition, we have several parents tell us that they do not want their children to be offered sugary treats at school. Some students have food allergies and it is difficult to keep them safe when food is delivered from an outside source. If we are a school that allows one child to bring a cake than we have to allow all of the students in the class to bring a cake and that could potentially happen twenty times in a year. It adds up. The research is clear, sugar makes it hard for our students to concentrate. If it is important for you to bring food for your child’s birthday, please collaborate with the teacher beforehand so that you are in agreement as to what is acceptable.

There may be some occasions when a treat is ok but we certainly don’t want to make it the norm. A quick google search will prompt lots of creative ideas for healthy snacks for the classroom.

Click here to watch the trailer for 'Sugarland' in French.

Click here for some solutions to help get sugar out of your diet (BBC).

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