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Security Guidelines at ISD

October 27, 2017-- One of the best aspects of ISD is our strong community. We love to welcome families to our campus during and after school hours.  

However, we want to ensure that only members of our community are able to access our campus. Good security is the responsibility of everyone in the community.  As the saying goes, “If you see something, say something.”

It is very helpful for the administration to get feedback from our parents and staff. I encourage you to contact any of the administrators to report anything suspicious, or if you see that ISD staff are not following our established procedures. Over the past few weeks, we have received positive feedback from our parents, as well as feedback on areas that we need to strengthen.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families of the following security guidelines:

  • All adults who are related to ISD students, drivers, or those who help in the household are required to have ISD identification (ID) badges if they are going to come to campus on a regular basis.

  • Adults should use their own ID badges.  Do not loan your badge to anyone.

  • Effectively immediately, adults will be asked to show the ID badges to the guards who will verify the picture on the ID badge matches the person.  If the person is using a different ID badge, it will be confiscated and the owner will have to come to campus to pick it up.

  • ISD staff and students can still swipe their ID cards.

  • If a parent would like a driver or someone who helps in the household to have an ISD badge, a parent will need to come to campus with this person and complete a form, agreeing the person can have an ISD badge.

  • If a family no longer employs a driver or household helper, they are required to collect the badge and return it to ISD.

There will be times when our security procedures may cause a delay in you coming on to campus.  We appreciate your patience. Safety of our students, staff, and parents in our number one priority.

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