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Secondary School News: Jaguar Connect & Upcoming Events

JAGUAR Connect

We have a new way to start each day in the Secondary School this year. Each morning students across the Secondary School will start their day with their advisory group in Jaguar Connect from 8:25-8:35.

Jaguar Connect is a new initiative that grew out of ISD’s Strategic Plan. One of our key goals is to develop an excellent advisory program to help ensure students’ social and emotional needs are met, as well as to help ensure students acquire key social and emotional learning knowledge and dispositions.

The purpose of Jaguar Connect is to provide every student, every day a positive, shared experience that shows there is an adult in the community who cares about them. Further, Jaguar Connect helps establish and strengthen positive relationships between students. Beyond the social and emotional goals, Jaguar Connect also ensures students are present, informed and ready for the upcoming day.

Each morning we will begin promptly at 8:25, which means we expect students to be on campus by 8:20 at the latest in order to ensure they are in class and prepared for 8:25. We will follow up with students who are late to Jaguar Connect in the same manner as if they were late to class, as this learning time is every bit as valuable, and arguably, it is more valuable in helping our students learn.

Secondary Teaching & Learning Coffee Mornings

On the first Tuesday of each month we will host an informal coffee for Secondary Parents in the Admin Conference Room. Please come out to our first meeting on Tuesday, September 3 beginning at 8:30.

Paul Lennon, our IB Diploma Program Coordinator, Jen Loria, our IB Middle Years Program Coordinator will lead the sessions. The focus of this first meeting will be making connections, logging into Managebac, and a general introduction to the IB, both MYP and DP in regards to assessment.

Dress Code

Last academic year the Middle School and High School Student Councils worked collaboratively to come up with a new dress code for Secondary School students.

The initiative was student-driven and the desire for change was grounded in the previous dress code being biased against our female students and not being grounded in points of principle. The student council began the process by establishing foundational beliefs to justify the need for a dress code and then created expectations in accordance that are gender-neutral

This year, thanks to the MS and HS Student Councils, the expectations for student dress are clear. Please take the time to read the entire dress code via this link. Importantly, please take the time to review the expectations with your children to help us ensure they meet our expectations.

Back to School Night

The Secondary Back to School Night will be on Thursday, September 5. We had to move the date back one week due to a conflict with training that the ISD Board of Trustees will undergo on the 29th of August.

Back to School Night will begin promptly at 5:30. We look forward to seeing you.

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