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Secondary News: Welcome to ISD

Dear Secondary School Parents,

Welcome Back!  To all the returning parents, welcome back!  To all our new parents, welcome to ISD.  Over the past weeks the Secondary Faculty have been preparing for the first day of school, including welcoming 16 new teachers to our division.  Incredibly, 6 of these positions are due to growth, both in terms of numbers of students, as well as program.  We are off to an excellent start in and we have successfully welcomed over 100 new students into Grades 6-12.  

Secondary School Core Values Agreement

On Friday each grade level attended an assembly outlining key expectations for the year, as drawn from our Parent-Student Handbook.  The foundation of our expectations is grounded in ISD’s Core Values, along with our Positive Behavior Support framework.  Each student is expected to review the Parent-Student Handbook with his/her parents.  To this end, each student has a one page Core Values Agreement to take home, and students and parents are expected to sign-off that they have gone through the handbook together.   

Please note that the Parent-Student Handbook can be found online through the ISD website, under the QUICK LINKS section.  

Back to School Night

Please mark Thursday, September 5th on your calendar for the Secondary Back to School Night.  We will begin at 5:30, and this will provide you the chance to connect with your child’s teachers, as well as hear key messages across the Secondary School.  

Regular Meetings

We are continuing with our goal of better involving Secondary parents in our school.  We will have monthly Teaching and Learning Coffee meetings to share key elements of the IBMYP and the IBDP.  We will introduce monthly Counselor Meetings for parents, and we will begin presenting to parents off-site, as we have many parents for whom it is difficult to make it into school during the day. 

We are eager to have more Secondary parents involved in the PTO and would like to start Secondary focused PTO groups dedicated to supporting the ARTS and dedicated to supporting ATHLETICS.  If you are interested in this, please see Mr. Colin Crumpton.  

Further, we will continue to build on traditions we began two years ago.  For example, we will continue to ask Grade 11 parents playing an integral role in bringing Graduation to life, so that the Grade 12 parents can enjoy the event and the experiences.  We will also continue to grow grade level parent meetings to help you build a network of support for your children outside of school.  Finally, and most importantly, as you have ideas that can help improve how we bring Secondary parents into our community to help our students, please reach out and let us know.  

Thank you for trusting your children’s education to us.  We will make this an excellent year for each of your children.

Kind regards,

Lorne Bird

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