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Secondary News: The EE Jamboree

Spurred by ISD goal of excellence, and the significance of the elements of the DP Core, 11th grade students had a special class schedule last Friday to dedicate time and support to their Extended Essay. After taking over the PAC and settling in for the three-hour block, students worked independently, and with Ms. Leinbach or their EE supervisors depending on their personal needs and progress over the past five months.

All students should have a completed outline and around 1,000 words of their EE draft written before the end of this school year. Having supervisor feedback on their thinking, planning, and writing will help ensure students have a clear vision for completing their 4,000-word EE draft over the summer break. Students will submit their complete draft by Monday, 3 September, 2018.

Many students noted that the session helped them prepare and gave them a head start on the summer's work:

“[I am] excited and relieved because I have made so much progress . . . I am aware that I still have more [progress] to make.”

“I feel prepared to write my EE over the summer . . .”

“The more I write, the more I realize that there are a lot of things I do not know, so I need to do more research.”

“I see where I’m going and my future plans seem clearer than they were before today.”

“I was productive because I know it was a chance to get some work done before summer.”

“Being able to have three hours dedicated to the EE helped me feel really productive. I feel more confident to be proceeding to writing the first draft now . . .”

“I changed the structure of my outline today and met with my supervisor. . . I am happy with what I did today because now I have a slightly more solid foundation for my writing.”

“I am [in] a good place, and am on track to have all of the requirements done for the end of the year. . . I am also excited to see [my] maturity and growth throughout this EE.”

“My outline is starting to look a lot better, and my confidence on tackling this is growing.”

“The atmosphere made it easy to for me to work since everyone else was working.”

“I [refined] my EE outline. However, I found out that there is much more precision required in my research to make my essay more ‘accurate’.”

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