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Secondary News: Thank You from the Garden Project

Due to COVID-19, the student Garden Project programs were interrupted, but before the school year ends we want to recognize Lu Esteban! She worked with the ISD garden project team this year as a student volunteer from Princeton University. Our garden project was her service project choice of interest while living in Dakar. She is currently studying to be an environmental engineer. She led weekly garden classes with our middle school students and taught simple and fundamental garden skills and knowledge. We were so lucky to have her! She was kind, organized, and dedicated. She not only taught our students but did lots of physical work in the garden. The work of the garden team and above all the garden itself gave the 6th-grade students a well-rounded experience in environmental awareness and concepts of sustainability. Lu was able to acquire experience and learn alongside our students as well, as she studied this Subsaharan landscape and it's many challenges and benefits of growing food. The garden classes were a wonderful advisory activity and preparatory experience for our students' service-learning trip. Our 6th-grade students helped design and initiate the beginning phase of a garden at a local school in Kebemer!

To Lu, we will look forward to knowing how your classes will open up and the ways you will pursue your education in this coming year. We are all together in this!

The carrots, onions, lettuces, eggplant, cotton, nasturtium flowers, kales, broccoli, and peppers you planted are doing great and bearing fruit and going to seed. We will collect the seeds and continue to replant your contribution! We so wanted you to be able to harvest your hard work! All the best in your academia this year and many thanks!

The Garden Project

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