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Secondary News: Students Visit N'Gor Island

This 2 hour field-trip turned out to be an amusing scavenger hunt. We got to travel by speed boat to N'Gor island; once there the fun began. We were divided into teams where we had to complete as many activities in a certain amount of time as we could to win a pizza party for the team. These activities included art, crafting with recycled items, cooking (fatayas and fish-balls which we got to eat in the end), rock-climbing, surfing, and pictures of randomly selected locations.

It was also an interesting way to explore the island. One student said: "I enjoyed the explorative aspect of it." We cooled down at a bar for sometime before heading back to school. Of course there were the cons; one of the teachers said: "Sad we didn't have the pirogues this year. It would have bee a good start to race to the island. If we also had that extra 30 minutes to finish the activities... [though] overall students enjoyed it and teachers as well." Of course no adventure goes without learning, and so one thing I relearned during this outing was that sticking together was crucial. Or if that proves to be difficult communication is a vital back-up. There were moment we would encounter various members of teams who didn't know where the rest were; not quite ideal in an exploring race!

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