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Secondary News: Parent Conferences

Please be reminded that on Friday, April 5 from 12:45-16:00 the Secondary School will hold its Parent-Teacher conferences.  Like last time, teachers will be located in rooms in the main Secondary Building.  Parents will be able to drop-in. 

For the High School, we will run IB Diploma Program classes in the afternoon as the students cannot afford to lose the class time.  This means that some teachers will not be available throughout the entire afternoon for conferences.  As the DP exams are fast approaching we need to ensure students are in class.   

During conferences the High School WAISAL soccer tournament will be taking place.  As the tournament is being held here at ISD we are fielding three Boys’ teams and two Girls teams.  As a result, 44% of our High School students will be playing soccer.  In anticipation of this, we proactively arranged and held numerous HS conferences with families over the course of March to ensure we met with those families we needed to.  

An email will be sent home from the Secondary Office for MS parents to sign up for time slots.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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