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Secondary News: Online Learning to End

Since returning on January 10 the Secondary teachers have opened all classes for students to learn online as we had so many members of our community affected by Covid. Over the past week, our attendance levels in Secondary (faculty and student) have returned to what they were in the first part of the year. That is, we no longer have significant numbers of absences due to the most recent Covid wave.

As we are getting back to normal, beginning Monday, February 7 Secondary School faculty will not open classes on Zoom.

The exception will be if a student (or group of students) has to remain home because they have Covid, or a member of their household has Covid. In these cases, only the teachers of the affected students will open their classes via Zoom.

Over the past three weeks, we have had some families opt to keep their children home and learn online. Beginning Monday, February 7, the opportunity to learn online like this will not be possible.

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