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Secondary News: MYP Arts and Language Selection

Over the next 10 days students currently in Grades 5 through 9 will be introduced to the IB Middle Years Program course selection process for the 2019/20 academic year.  

Students across the IB Middle Years Program typically take 8 subjects from the following groups, with some exceptions made for language or learning support: 

  1. English Language & Literature 

  2. Additional Language 

  3. Individuals & Societies 8

  4. Sciences

  5. Math 8

  6. Arts

  7. Physical Education & Health 

  8. Design 8 (one semester); Wellness (one semester)

The counselors and IB Coordinators will meet with each grade to give an overview of the courses, and outline where students have options.  

Students will be emailed a link to indicate their preferences for Arts and the to select the language they would like to take.  Parents will be alerted when their children receive this link so that they can review the options at home as a family before students submit the form.  

All forms needs to be completed by Friday, May 3.  

If you have any questions, please contact your child's counselor, or Jen Loria, the MYP Coordinator.  

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