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Secondary News: ISD Jaguars Up and Running Again

Our Jaguar cross-country athletes are hitting the pavement once again. 11th and 12th grade students have been running down the Corniche every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for over a month now and my, oh, my it feels good to be running together again!

This past Sunday some of our runners were lucky enough to participate in a 5k Giving Tuesday event organized by former ISD Board member Jen Davis and Grade 12 student Quincy J. Josh B., a Grade 11 student, came in first place followed by Narmer B. (Grade 11), Quincy J., Karl von K. (Grade 7), and Chinwe B. (Grade 11). All of the runners did well, and more importantly, helped contribute to a cause rooted in sharing, kindness, and connection.

As the year progresses, we hope to open cross country up to other grades.

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