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Secondary News: IB Diploma Students Visit Sculptor Ousmane Gueye

This May ISD's IB Diploma Visual Arts class was fortunate to visit world famous sculptor Ousmane Gueye and was given a personal tour of his studio. Mr. Gueye, who has worked internationally in Japan, France and the United States for decades, has returned to Senegal to create a 40 hectere monumental African sculpture garden outside of Dakar. He is also making a hundred sculptors for a "floating forest" installation for the 2020 Dak'Art exposition.

Mr. Gueye, whose works have been exhibited in museums throughout the world told ISD's students "The only way to become a famous artist is to create art. To make art because you love it. To make art not to be rich, not for fame, but for the art."

Naani Sanon, Grade 11 said afterwards. "I was so impressed with the art and how he lives. I want to make more sculptures now!"

Ousmane Gueye's web site is and some of his objects can be seen at Kër Luxe in Ouakam."

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