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Secondary News: DP Arts Showcase

The ISD art show was a community effort. So many people helped make Friday’s event a success it, would be easier to name the people who did not help with this show than to list everyone who did, but I will try. Apologies to those that I am sure I am forgetting in the hazy aftermath of the event.

In no order, the ISD Arts Department would like to extend its gratitude to: The 300 odd people who showed up to support our students on Friday. Without a thoughtful and open audience, the arts cannot exist. The feedback and positivity that our students received were fantastic.

Our students, who did something that is the hardest thing to do in the world of irony and sarcasm that is the mark of our age: opening themselves up, showing us they see and what the world should be like. Being naked, metaphorically, is a type of bravery that we all should try to emulate. The world would be better for it.

Our dynamic Parent Teacher Organization who not only donated funds for food but also staffed the event. They provided essential help when we were assembling the show. If the PTO had not been there in the morning through the afternoon, it might not have happened.

The Dakar Woman’s Group and their liaison Jen Davis for helping us with the exhibit walls. We would not have a place to show the work without these.

Aboubacar Ndoye and his staff, what they did was Herculean. Aboubacar and his staff worked for months to make this event a success.

Nyah, Abdoulaye, and the whole Gueye family who catered the event using produce from the ISD Garden Project. The short notice in which they provided the food and drinks was astounding.

In alphabetical order: Emefa Atiase, Lorne Bird, Micah Hall, Alan Knobloch, Janna Riley, Anna Rosenberg, the Thespian Society, and Suzanne Wardini, who each helped us at crucial junctures. Also the teachers, administrators, and counselor who were flexible and allowed time for students to prepare for this show.

And lastly but most importantly, Ambassador Theo Peters, Anne Peters, and the Government of the Netherlands for opening up their home to us. Every step of the way, we were supported and encouraged, especially by the phenomenal Ms. Peters. Their help cannot be understated.


Nevdon Jamgochian on behalf of Jen Loria, Clay Tan, and the ISD Arts department.

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