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Secondary News: Change in the 2018/19 Secondary School Daily TImetable

During this school year the morning bell rings for students at 8:20, with classes starting officially at 8:30.  Further, the school day officially ends at 3:20pm. Starting in August the daily start and end times for Secondary classes will change such that students will expected to be in class by 8:25 and will be dismissed at 3:25pm.

We will start class at 8:25 instead of 8:30 for a few reasons.  First, this allows the first period teachers to take the morning attendance without cutting into class time.  Further, during these five minutes the first period teachers and students will read the daily announcements. Daily announcements will be a new addition in the Secondary next year and will allow the Secondary School to better communicate each day.  Finally, a 10-minute time period for students to get to class is not necessary. Students are on campus for the 8:20 bell and there is no need to afford 10 minutes to get to class.

The dismissal time has been moved from 3:20 to 3:25 in order to allow for there to be a 15 minute break after the first class of the day.  This change was brought about do to direct feedback from both the Middle School and High School Student Councils. Students want to have a snack after the first period, but the 10 minute break does not allow enough time to get food and get to class on time.  We will have Shady Shack sells on-the-go snacks directly in the Secondary building so that students can get food, and students can also bring snacks of their own. The extra five minutes at the end of the day will also alleviate some of the congestion near the front of the school that happens when Elementary students are going to their ASA’s.  

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