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Secondary News

Inaugural Secondary Parents Coffee Morning

On the first Tuesday of each month we will host an informal coffee for Secondary Parents in the Admin Conference Room. Please come out this coming Tuesday, September 4 at 9:30. Paul Lennon, our IB Diploma Program Coordinator, Jen Loria, our IB Middle Years Program Coordinator, and myself will host these events. We will allocate part of the time for parents to simply interact, and then we will use the bulk of the time to share key information about what is going on in the Secondary School in regards to initiatives about teaching and learning. Further, we will also allocate time each session to get feedback from the parents in regards to what they would like to learn more about in regards to teaching and learning.

Please come out this Tuesday, September 4 @ 9:30am.

Back to School Night

Thank you to all the parents who came out to the Back to School Night this past Wednesday. We had a stronger turnout than last year and this is most encouraging as there are key messages we want to share with parents this year as we embark upon becoming an MYP school.

We have made several changes to our assessment practices this year as we adopt MYP expectations. Teachers shared what these were in their 10 minute sessions. If you were unable to attend and would like to learn more, please reach out directly to your child’s teachers, or else come and see Ms. Loria, our MYP Coordinator. She is located in the ISD Teranga Center and is available throughout the day to meet with parents.

Email Addresses

We are in the process of verifying all parents’ email addresses and contact details. If you are not sure that you are receiving information from the school, please reach out to Anna Rosenberg in the Secondary Office directly and she will take your information.

Parent Managebac Access

We have moved to a new learning management platform, adopting Managebac as we become an IB World School. We will no longer use FOCUS as we did last year. Feedback on assessment, report cards, curriculum planning, attendance, Service Learning reflection, and even the uploading of student work to the IBDP will all take place through Managebac. Parents will have access to a portal and we are in the process of bringing this to life. We first have to ensure all parent emails are accurate and thereafter we will create parent accounts. We will then have information sessions to help you learn to navigate the software.

In the interim, if you are at all curious, please simply sit down with your children and they will login and take you through an introduction.

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