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Secondary JAG Journal - September 28, 2020

Back to School Night 2.0 - Monday, October 5

Given our later start to the school year, our Back to School Night for parents has also been pushed back. We have made further changes due to physical distancing requirements. This year, we will host the Secondary School Back to School Night online, as well as asynchronously.

On Monday, October 5 after 17:00, a Back to School page will be available on our website that you will be able to navigate through and find a class- and teacher-specific videos for all the courses offered across the Secondary School. Access to the webpage will allow parents to view information on their own time and will save forcing hundreds of us through many Zoom calls over a period of 2.5 hours. This format also allows parents and students to learn more about other classes and faculty at ISD.

Secondary School Coffee & Learning

On the first Tuesday of each month the IB Coordinators - Jen Loria (MYP) and Paul Lennon (DP) - host presentations for Secondary School parents. The focus varies each month, but the common theme is sharing information about teaching and learning at ISD, as primarily grounded in the IB Programs.

Please come out (virtually) to our next session on Tuesday, October October 6 @ 8:30 am. The link to the Zoom meeting room is embedded here.

Our focus for the first meeting will be assessed in the MYP & DP.

Celebrating Our Students

Our students are to be celebrated as they continue to respect our physical distancing expectations, as well as expectations in regards to wearing masks. Without a doubt, it is a challenge for students, as well as for faculty, to adhere to the expectations we have in place. This said, our students are doing very well. As announced over the weekend, there was a member of our community who tested positive for Covid-19. Our hope is that no member of our community will, but we have planned thoroughly for this eventuality. As a result of our planning and as a result of our students’ success in meeting our expectations, we were able to respond in a manner that led to fewer than 10 students needing to remain off-campus and move to online learning. It is because of our students’ sense of community and the excellent choices they have made thus far that we have been able to continue to engage students on campus. We are incredibly proud of them and hope you are too.

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