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Vex Robotics Team Takes 1st Place!

The ISD robotics team has been working Saturdays since September to build their version of a robot to solve the problem for this year's Vex Robotics Competition in Barcelona.

In the competition, robots work in alliances of 2 to gain the most points in a match against another alliance.  This years game, "In the Zone" (game / video), required robots to be able to stack cones on stationary and mobile goals, and then transport those goals to a predetermined location.  Stacked cones are worth 2 points and mobile goals are worth 10, 20, or 30 points.  There are also bonuses for autonomous points and highest stacks in specific locations.  Each match is 2 minutes long, with a 15 second autonomous (programmed self-controlled robot) period, followed by 1:45 of driver controlled.  Our ISD students were the only high school team that was able to successfully score points during the autonomous period.

Although initially having a rough start, students quickly found their rhythm and ended the seeding portion of the tournament in 1st place!  They formed an alliance with 2nd place seed "Warrior" from Col·legi Vedruna Vall in Barcelona.  Together their alliance went on to take the championship in 2 straight wins, defeating the other team alliance 70-30 and 74-37.

On March 17, we will be having a local competition featuring the HS team robot as well as a MS team robot, and 3 teams formed from Senegalese students from 10 different local public schools.  Seeding tournament will begin at 10:00 am, and the elimination tournament will begin at 2:00 pm. It will take place in the HS Amphitheater.

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